Metex provides easy to use platforms for efficient and effective asset trading. With a deep history in the traditional metals trading industry we are innovating traditional ETF and paper backed systems by leveraging a purpose built proprietary technology stack. Fully secured distributed ledger technology sits at the core of the Metex ecosystem, providing non-fungible tradable assets 1:1 backed by their physical counterparts.


Metex is proud to bring two innovative trading platforms to the world. Challenging the traditional metals trading industry and pushing for more competitive and fair markets worldwide.

The Metex Stablecoin Exchange will bring retail investors the ability to buy, sell and trade the worlds leading cryptocurrencies, stable coins and precious metal tokens. Like never before, users will be able to buy and sell precious metals using multiple cryptocurrency and fiat pairings.

The Metex Metals Exchange is for the institutional trader and big businesses looking to buy and sell large quantities of these precious and base metals. The Metex Metals Exchange platform allows for standard trading by end users but also allows partner companies access to the B2B interface. The B2B interface will allow manufacturers to quickly buy the product they're looking for and request a burn & deliver order. Burn and deliver is the term we use for the burning of a non-fungible token and the delivery of the physical asset the tokens represent.


Metex precious metal tokens are 1:1 backed by their physical counterparts. These physical assets are stored in Metex owned and operated storage facilities, are subject to 24-hour personal security and monitored some of the worlds most advanced surveillance systems. Routine inspection and third party published audits maintain a level of transparency and peace of mind for users of the Metex ecosystem.

Power of Inventory

Through the power of inventory Metex can provide widespread access to metals ownership, otherwise out of reach to everyday retail investors. Metex handles all of the heavy lifting, taking care of the security and storage of precious and base metals so our customers can focus on what matters to them, their investments. We believe mitigating the barriers of entry into these traditional markets is important and we're excited to provide this access to our users.


Security is our number one priority when it comes to servicing customers in our ecosystem. Building and maintaining serious digital and physical security protocols for our whole ecosystem is just the first layer to ensuring our customers are fully protected. Partnering with a major insurance firm to insure all physical and digital assets is a must, this not only showcases the level of security that Metex has implemented through trust of a third party insurance company but secures all of our users investments in the event of malicious activity.