We're committed to the evolution of the global commodities trade market

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Our Values

Traditional business meets innovation

First and foremost Metex is a traditional commodities trading company. Why? Because that’s what we’re good at. Having a history in the traditional trading sector has given us the tools to create a solid platform on top of which we will innovate. Utilizing innovative tech where it matters we will be able to cut unnecessary steps out of the commodities trading industry and create a more effecient and cost effective platform to operate on.


Today there are complexities such as regulation, financial institutions and monetary limitations that make commodities trading daunting to newcomers. Making the Metex Ecosystem clear, focused and translatable is hard. But we believe that by sticking to this goal we can make something really special that everyone can use.


Our team have been in the commodities and cryptocurrencies markets for a long time. This experience that we’ve garnered over the years has led us to the belief that the proof is in the project. That’s why we’re committed to full transparency when it comes to the Metex Ecosystem. Allowing third party reported audits is the only way to comfortably achieve what we’re set out to create. So many projects that promise 1:1 backing of assets to a digital representation that don’t publish third party audits don’t add up as far as we’re concerned and we’re here to set the standard.