About us

“Our goal is to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to access the global commodities markets through innovative technology.”


Andrew Sassi

Co-founder & Group Director

Andrew’s extensive background in investment banking, funds management and stockbroking, has given him over a decade of experience engaged in major system implementations for investment banks and trading exchanges, predominantly in continental Europe. Working with METEX to support and co-ordinate mining companies’ alternative capital raising strategies in the digital economy and to advise on the integration for new companies into the METEX ecosystem.

Andrew Kuzemko

Co-founder & CEO

Andrew has specialised knowledge in working with commodity & forex trading, derivatives, investment banking, funds management and resources investment. His experience spans over 10 years on a variety of multi- commodity projects throughout Australasia

From early stage exploration to advanced pre-development operations, Andrew has real hands on experience in mining and exploration sectors working on major mining projects in base and precious metals.

Rajeev Verma

Co-founder & CTO, Exchange

Rajeev has over 15 years experience working in the development of financial services platforms. Highlights including managing the redevelopment of the South African Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, and most recently deploying two crypto currency trading exchanges in UAE and India. Over the last 3 years Rajeev has helped launch a number of CCUs, setup mining farms, and assembled a team of qualified personnel capable of architecting and building on blockchain technology.

John Hammond

CTO, Digital Assets

John has a long history in traditional ICT program delivery and blockchain solution development. Previously working with software and consulting companies like Oracle and Capgemini, implementing and managing the delivery of complex ICT solutions. John is a certified blockchain specialist and founder of CoinEconomy, blockchain solution architecture specialists working in the blockchain space since early 2017. John brings a passion for traditional and innovative technology to the role of CTO.

Paul McKenzie


Paul has deep industry experience operating and managing cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia. Previously managing ACX, one of Australia’s top exchanges. With a wealth of knowledge and an ex-crypto trader, he understands complicated cryptocurrency technology and the fast-moving dynamic of the industry as a whole. His previous history includes technical operations roles in large corporations around the world within the banking industry like: Credit Suisse in Zurich, Monitise in London, RBS in Edinburgh and IBM in Melbourne.

Brett Wilkins-Byrd

Compliance & Membership

Brett has over 20 years’ experience integrating software and online services for supporting integrated business management and digital commerce. Brett has extensive experience in compliance systems and various compliance audit roles. He has extensive experience across various online platforms and software solutions to improve business services including developing interactive training and education materials. This has evolved into a broad skill set integrating systems to gain best advantage from software and the internet when delivering business services.

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